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The Clio Entertainment Creative Fest is a community gathering that celebrates the art of entertainment marketing to create superfans around the globe. The event will include provocative and insightful conversations with top creative minds in Film, Television, Gaming, Live Entertainment and Brand Marketing, combined with commentary from leading editorial voices at The Hollywood Reporter and Muse by Clio.



12:00–1:00 PM



1:00–2:00 PM

World Building: Bringing TV Shows Off the Screen and Into Fans' Lives

The golden age of television has brought with it a golden age of television marketing, particularly when it comes to engaging with fans in the real world. On this panel, Clio talks to creative executives at networks who've excelled at world building—crafting events, activations and other fan experiences that drive massive buzz around their most valuable properties.


2:00–3:00 PM

Gaming for Good: How Video Games Might Actually Save the World

Video games historically have been criticized as anti-social, but these days gaming is rapidly becoming a powerful force for social good. On this panel, Clio speaks with creative executives from game publishers, developers and marketers about their philosophies and activations around gaming for good—how they are answering gaming's critics, and using play to make the world a better place.


3:00–3:15 PM



3:15–3:30 PM

Teasing John Malkovich: How CBS Made 2018's Most Epic Sports Ad

On Jan. 21, 2018, viewers tuning into CBS for the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Jaguars were treated to an ad for the ages—an intro "tease" of the telecast starring the incomparable John Malkovich, in what would turn out to be a mini masterpiece. CBS Sports creative director Pete Radovich, who wrote and directed the four-minute film, takes us through its creation—from the inspired idea to the once-in-a-lifetime finished product.


3:30–4:30 PM

Sequel-ize Me! Creative Ways of Keeping Film Franchises Fresh

Movie sequels present a unique challenge: How do you balance old and new, drawing on a franchise's equity from previous films while also giving audiences something fresh? Clio sits down with creative executives from the studios and agencies to talk strategies and tactics for refreshing franchises with each new installment.


4:30–6:00 PM

Cocktails & Networking



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9:00am — 6:30pm
NeueHouse Hollywood

6121 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Monica Austin
Director, Global Creative Marketing, Series, Netflix

Ron Beck
President + Chief Creative Officer, Tiny Hero

Steven Cardwell
Director of Program Marketing & Marketing Strategy, HBO

Gerard Caputo
Chief Creative Officer, BBH New York

Scott Duchon
Chief Creative Officer, 215 McCann

Shawn Silverman
SVP, Brand Marketing + Events, Comedy Central + Paramount Network + TV Land

Arnaldo D'Alfonso 
Global EVP + Creative Director, 20th Century Fox

Justin Manfredi 
Senior Vice President, Marketing, AMC Networks

Maria Pekurovskaya
EVP Creative Advertising, Universal Pictures

Jess Reed
Senior Project Manager, Insomniac Games

Bill Rosemann 
Executive Creative Director, Marvel Games

Michael McIntyre 
President, MOCEAN

Pete Radovich
Creative Director, CBS Sports








$250 per person 


Panel Sessions Include:

Case Study: Microsoft Changing the Game
The video game industry has long ignored players with limited mobility. For most, gaming was impossible. With the Adaptive Controller, which leveled the playing field for gamers with limited mobility, Microsoft had developed a device that manifested the company’s core commitment to empowerment. The brand then needed a campaign, beyond simply an ad or two, centered on the device that could speak to everyone, including Microsoft employees, and not just users of the device, around how and why inclusivity empowers everyone. In doing so, Microsoft sought to not only raise mass awareness around the need for and importance of inclusive design, but also intended to spotlight this issue and move the gaming industry to a more inclusive place. To accomplish this, Microsoft wanted to capture the authentic reactions and stories of the gaming and accessibility community, triggered by the brand’s ad, to lend their voices to this important cause.

THR Marketing Maven Roundtable
The Hollywood Reporter sits down with the top Marketing Mavens of the entertainment industry for a round-table discussion on marketing trends in 2019 and beyond.

Brands Go Hollywood: Learning the Secrets of Entertainment
Brands want more than a consumer base, they want to build fanbases - so they're turning to Hollywood for guidance. This panel will examine how consumer brands are looking at the entertainment industry's marketing tactics to cultivate fans.

Trailer Geeks and Teaser Gods Podcast
Join host Corey Nathan and special guests for a live recording of TG-2's next podcast.

The Renaissance of the Soundtrack
Music is as important as the key art when it comes to setting the tone of an entertainment marketing campaign. This panel will tune into the resurgence of the soundtrack and how soundtracks mold into the 2019 musical landscape.

Keeping the Fans Fulfilled and Following: Fan First Digital Campaigns  
It’s no secret that fan culture is more prevalent than ever and that fans expect increasingly more from brands in this hyper-digital world. In this panel, hear from digital marketers on how to mine insights from your fans to create social campaigns that rise above the digital deluge. Panelists will also discuss community management, what to do when fans take it too far, and their visions for the future of the digital fan-forward approach.

Trailer Fest 
Join us in a separate Screening Room to view the shortlisted teasers and trailers in their entirety from the 2019 Clio Entertainment Awards. Our entertainment verticals --  
Theatrical, Television/Streaming, Games, Home Entertainment and Live Entertainment -- will have separate sessions.

Deep Dives: Marketing Case Studies
In-depth creative breakdowns of some of the best entertainment marketing campaigns of the year that had fans and the advertising world buzzing.

***Speakers to be announced.***